2nd QUARTER 2008

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Volume 802                                                   May 1, 2008
            Song Title           Artist / Songwriter / Song Length            
1    Wait For Tomorrow, Kelly Hope
2    Why Wait, Gary & Carol Bibb
3    I Don’t Tell You Everything, Dave Wooley
4    Mom, Joe Navrath
5    One Life, Andrew Dean & The Farm Machine
6    Angels With One Wing, The Kentucky Sisters
7    Election Infection, Ron Thompson
8    I’ll Take The Blame, Kimberly Bibb-Marrs
(featuring Mary Stuart and Larry Marrs)
9    Everytime You Pray, Jasmun Basilone
10  Where Would I Be, Rhonda Lee
11  Inner Cell Phone, Kris Miller
12  Sittin‘ In A Church, Tim Lovell
13  In The Garden, Andrew Dean & The Farm Machine
14  California Girls, Surf City Allstars with original Beach Boy Al Jardine

Meet The Artists and Songwriters

Kelly Hope, Wait For Tomorrow
Kelly Hope is a 23-year old singer-songwriter taking on the country music world by storm. Based in Albury, NSW, Kelly has been performing and writing her own songs since the age of 14. Kelly released her self-titled debut album late 2006, with the first single HEARTBREAK ROAD making the Top 30 on the Top 100 Country Hits chart as well as making the 2007 Top 100 Country Hits Of the Year at 97, with the accompanying filmclip seen on CMC. But her achievements as a singer/songwriter began many years ago. After some success in various talent quests culminating in a win at Echuca Moama’s Country Music Festival in 2003, where she won a trip for two, to entertain on the Tamworth Country Music Train. She released her debut ep SUMMER TRAIN in 2003, containing four covers and two originals titled WAIT FOR TOMORROW and SUMMER TRAIN. In 2005, Kelly was named a Top 20 Toyota Starmaker Finalist, and onstage she’s been the main attraction of both International and Australian crowds ever since. With powerful vocals and strong lyrics, Kelly’s originality and stage presence is like no other in the country music industry. Late 2005, Kelly completed her first US tour including studio time with one of Nashville’s most prestigious producers Bill Warner (Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, Jewel, Natalie Imbruglia). It was here that she was introduced to legendary country songwriter Jim Owens who has written songs for many of Country’s greats including Hank Williams, George Jones, and Loretta Lyn. Jim was so impressed by Kelly’s talent that he insisted that she record one of his songs YOU MAKE ME WANNA CHEAT. This track, along with nine originals, is included on Kelly’s debut album. In January 2007, Kelly graduated from the Tamworth College of Country Music. Kelly’s single YOU’RE NOT MY UTE has again hit the mark with radio gracing the Top 40 on the Top 100 Country Hits chart, and can be seen on CMC. Her determination to succeed will ensure she can overcome anything life throws her way. “The most important thing is to make the most of every opportunity. This is just the beginning for me. The best is yet to come.”

Gary & Carol Bibb, Why Wait
Born and raised in Missouri, husband & wife Gary & Carol Bibb write and sing songs about life issues, hope, and love as an expression of how they live their lives in relationship with people and each other. Thanks to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for the words, melody and music to our songs. “Why Wait” is a song about choosing to admit when we have a wrong attitude toward one another, along with a conviction in our heart, the importance to make things right with one another. May the “message of this song” help be a stepping stone to a deeper closeness and love for one another as husbands, wives and children (the family). Our love and appreciation we extend to our daughter Kimberly Bibb-Marrs on fiddle, our son (in law) Larry Marrs who produces, arranges and plays bass and drums (along with anything else that is needed), Robby Turner on steel guitar (friend and gifted musician), and our grandchildren Katie and Jonathan Marrs singing at the tag of the song. They were very young when they recorded this special part. Loving each other as we forgive before the “sun goes down”, brings a ray of Sonshine, Hope, and a Future to the Family!
Love in Jesus, Gary & Carol Bibb
Email: gacabibb@att.net

Dave Wooley, I Don't Tell You Everything
Be sure to enjoy Dave's love of traditional country music on his 2 CD projects, with titles such as these: Memories of You, Dancin' Fool, Climbing the Walls, Came For the Ladies and Stayed for the Beer, I Cry Them all for you, My Search Goes on, When I Fall, Honey Don't, Love Blind, Bad Case Of Missing You, Those Hard Times, Good Days Bad Days, You're There I'm Here, My Old Friend the Blues, Inspiration on the Road, In My Life, The Reason I Carry On, I Can't Live With Losin' You, and Hard To Say Goodbye.
Email: davewooleyband@hotmail.com
Website: www.davewooley.com
Pour it Black is available by sending $10.00 to:
Dave Wooley
162 Bagley Hill Rd,
Troy, ME 04987

Joe Navrath, Mom
Joe Navrath was born and raised in Oklahoma where he still resides today. Presently he lives on his farm and ranch in rural Lincoln County near Prague, OK. His agricultural roots run deep, as he not only grew up on a farm, but also graduated from Oklahoma State University and taught vocational agriculture for many years. It was while at his first teaching position in Wyoming, that Joe became interested in singing and songwriting. Upon moving back to Oklahoma Joe further developed his unique songwriting style. Joe is a gifted songwriter, and has written every song on the CD himself, and it is that gift and unique styling that always leads his fans to ask when he is going to have a new CD coming out, because they "just have got to have it". Joe has a "clearly-country" style, reminding you of the styles of the "Good 'ole Boys" of country music. His innate sense of humour is also a strong part of his musical writings. In such songs as in the dance song, "Okie Dokie" and "Setting George Straight" his love of "word" humour shines through. His family values and down-home country soul shows beautifully in the tribute song, "Daddy's Belt". He is a great country music storyteller and that is clear in the songs "How Can I Go Wrong" and "What Makes A Man Go Crazy". His romantic heart shows in the tragic love song, "Stolen Moments" about the relationship between a married couple that are not married to each other and in the title track, "Looking" about the break up of a relationship and a cowboy's hope that his "Cowboy Wife" will return. Joe has a great ability to touch your funny bone in one song and in the next song, touch your soft side. In 2002, Joe founded his own publishing company, Sugartime Music Publishing and a record label, Sugartime Productions. In addition, Joe, along with his son Laramie, started Sugartime Recording Studio to assist singers and musicians develop their musicial ambitions.

Andrew Dean, One Life (the Tommy Dean song), In The Garden
With a tank full of fuel.....this super-charged entertainer .....really revs up the show. Andrew Dean charges forward in high speed until the end, slowing up a bit only to connect with his audience...making a special connection to talk about those things nearest and dearest in his life: God, Country, and Family. Then it's right back to full speed ahead, with throttle WIDE OPEN... and DREAMS that have no end. He cares and it shows, he is real, and he's genuine, that's the mark of a quality entertainer. Many wonder why he would rather talk about his sister Jenny's battle with cancer, than the numerous awards he's won. ...ask him, and he will say those award are reminiscent of new friends met in many cities across the nation. As for Jenny, she lost the battle with breast cancer in 2000, but a signifcant role model for her younger brother, Jenny's influence is always present when talking with Andrew, and he has made Breast Cancer Awareness one of his many adopted charitable organizations. Compliment his Tribute To Veterans songs "In A Mother's Eyes", "Lonely Soldier", or "The Price", and you may be in for a heartfelt discussion on the neccessity to provide our heroes, troops and veterans with quality health care, jobs, and the respect they deserve for standing up to protect our country and freedoms. Go out to dinner... and you may find the Dean's seated around a family sized table, giving thanks to the Lord. Yes, they do pray in public places, as well as at home. God is faithful, always providing what is needed, and Andrew and his family worship openly. Annually they all walk CROP WALK for hunger, giving food and donations to needy children in over 80 countries. You see, when what you see is what you get, you only get the best with Andrew Dean. He is proven, driven, loyal, trustworthy, energetic, with some of the best Country Music to come out of Nashville.

The Kentucky Sisters, Angels With One Wing
"Sibling harmonies to die for..." That's how Jeffrey Lee Puckett, music critic for the Louisville Courier-Journal, described the Kentucky Sisters performance at the Kentucky State Fair as they opened for country legend, George Jones. And ifs true, there is no other harmony to compare with that of family. Ever since they were little girls, the Kentucky Sisters have been pleasing audiences with this perfect sound that is both beautiful and magical. The Sisters began performing professionally in 1994, out their singing together started long before that Even as small children they often gathered around the piano with their parents, and at ages 5, 7, and 9, Brigit, Beth, and Laura began singing praise and worship songs in their local church. Winning a small-town talent contest changed the lives of these three sisters forever. From that day the desire to sing country and gospel music burned in their hearts. They were determined to share their voices and talents, a determination which has taken them to fairs, festivals, churches, and special events all over the United States and beyond. They became world travelers by singing their heartfelt music for military personnel in countries in the Middle East, Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. The Kentucky Sisters' goal is to positively influence people with their music - they want to make people happy. When they hear their audience sing along or tap their toes to an up-tempo song or give a chuckle at a joke or see a tear wiped away because of the tender interpretation of a favorite song, they know their dreams are coming true. In 1994, they recorded their self-titled, debut album. Michael W. Stout, critic for "Louisville Music /Vews" said, "Each sister possesses a sweet, yet unique voice which, when blended with the other two, creates charming and angelic alto and soprano vocal harmonies to warm the coldest heart" In 2004, the Sisters released their second project, "In & Out of Love" an album reflecting some of their favorite traditional country sounds. In June, 2005, a gospel album, "One Holy Morning" was released. Songs from both albums have been released to radio, both in the United States and internationally through Nite*Sky Records, and are receiving rave reviews. They are honored to be named "Vocal Group of the Year" by the North American Country Music Associations International (NACMAI) for 2003 and 2004 and "Vocal Group of the Year" from the Kentucky Country Music Association for both 2002 and 2003.

Ron Thompson, Election Infection
Ron is a retired Electrical/Electronics Engineer. He plays piano, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, harmonica, bass guitar, and electronic keyboard. He writes his own music having copyrighted around 150 + songs, both gospel and country genre. Ron served as the regular pianist in three different churches during the past several years. Some of his earliest memories are of his dad singing over WLAR radio station in a quartet live each Sunday morning. A recent charting song "Tennessee Mountain Boy" charted top 40 a couple of months in the U. S. and also #31 on a recent ECMA most plays chart.
Website: http://www.afreegospelmusic.org/
Email: ronthompson@afreegospelmusic.org

Kimberly Bibb-Marrs, I'll Take The Blame (with Marty Stuart & Larry Marrs)
Kimberly grew up in Maryland Heights Missouri. Her Grandpa Jewel Bibb taught her how to play fiddle at 9 years old. She soon started competing in fiddle contests around the region. One of the contests was judged by Kenny Baker and Josh Graves who gave her first place. She was very successful at winning most of the contest fiddling. Her parents literally had a room full of trophies and plaques when she was a kid. At age 11 she won the Nashville Talent Search held in Brazil Indiana. The outcome of that was a 45 single with Bunky Keels on Piano, D. J. Fontana on drums, Elvis' first drummer, Bruce Watkins on guitar, now plays on all Alan Jacksons hits , Duke Dumas on bass. The single charted at its peak at number 18 in Billboard , called Country Fever A side and Grandpas fiddle and bow. They performed as Kimberly Dawn and The Bibb Family Band, which were Gary and Carol Bibb, Jewel Bibb- Grandpa- Uncle Mark Bibb, Tammy Bibb now Camenzind, also Tom, Danny, Joe, Gene, Wayne, and the great Bobby Minner, who works with Tim Mcgraw. For several years they performed shows across the country including, The St. Louis V P fair, The Georgia Mountain Fair theater in Hiawassee, Six flags over America and The Fox Theater in St Louis MO, The American Theater, West Port Plaza Playhouse, Hershey Park PA, and many more. During this time when she wasnt working with the Bibb Family, she was also playing with a local bluegrass group called Joe Rapisardo and Country Side Grass, which played bluegrass festivals in Mo, IL. , Iowa, and elsewhere. While with this group she recieved a SPGMA award for fiddle. Opry star Marty Stuart and Kimberly's husband Larry Marrs provide excellent musical and vocal accompanyment on "I'll Take The Blame".
Email: marrsstudio@bellsouth.net
Website: www.marrs-recording-studio.com

Jasmun Basilone, Everytime You Pray
Jasmun Leah Basilone, a 17 year old singer from Sylacauga, AL is well on her way to taking country music by storm! This rising artist began singing at the early age of 2 ½ when she first learned to talk! Her talent and passion for music comes from her Mother's side of the family and there was always music in her home growing up. Jasmun also enjoys dancing which she incorporates into her shows. "She really keeps the house shaking," says her mother, Ruth Basilone. Some of Jasmun's favorite artists include Crystal Gayle and Shania Twain. This young singer recently received an Upcoming Artist Award at the Christian Country Music Award convention this past Nov. and has two nominations under her belt for the AGAPE awards. She was also nominated for the Youth in Music category for the Inspirational Country Music Awards this past November. Jasmun has been a very busy young artist entertaining all across the USA and continues to do so. Her songs have been heard all the way to Mexico and over to Iraq. This year Jasmun is set to tour with Appalachia (formally known as Philadelphia) in the near future. She will also be playing at the Agape Festival in Dangerfield, Texas this May and will also be performing at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville this Summer at BB King's on June 7, 2007. She recently performed for the Louisiana Opry and has performed for the Alabama Chapter of the Vietnam Veterans with their traveling wall of veterans lost in Vietnam. She performed at BB Kings in Nashville during the 2006 CMA Festival.

Rhonda Lee, Where Would I Be
Rhonda Lee has been singing gospel music for over 20 years and continues to touch the hearts of many through the love of Jesus Christ. Her message through her music not only is encouraging but is honest and worshipful. Her new CD was inspired by the song "Just Hold On", which was a song that God had given her through the midst of a storm. Rhonda, husband Randy, and children Danielle and Colton reside in Rockford Illinois. Rhonda has sung at many different events, from singing for television, to radio, churches, women's groups, coffee houses, conferences, fairs, funerals, etc. Her heart's desire is to reach the lost through Christ, heal the wounded and encourage ones to press on regardless of their past. Rhonda continues to sing and write music and is very thankful for God allowing her to use these gifts. May her music bless you and remind you that Jesus loves you!
Telephone: 815-721-0512
Email: rhondaleeministries@netscape.com
Website: www.rhondaleeministries.com
Her CD "Just Hold On" can be ordered by sending a check for $15.00 to:
Rhonda Lee
P.O. Box 2845
Loves Park, IL 61132

Kris Miller, Inner Cell Phone
KRIS MILLER co-wrote this dynamite song with a Nashville Country writer Marc A Barnette. It's included on her new GRAMMY NOMINATED CD COMING OUT IN THE SPRING "The Journey Home".
Kris’s songs are all expressions of her intimate communion with the Lord. At 17, she began to walk like Jesus on the road in faith. Just like the disciples of 2000 years ago, she was called to “…go to the highways and byways and preach the gospel of peace. Take no shoes, no script, no purse worthy of a thief…” She traveled for years going into all parts of the world giving everything she had to those in need. Through that experience came hundreds of songs of devotion, faith and lessons on how to pass through this world and stay in Love. Kris is now reaching out to the world with her songs to share the wisdom and comfort given to her. Her music is being played worldwide and is bringing a refreshing spirit to all those that hear her.
You can contact her at:
Telephone: 951-926-4158
Websites: www.krismillermusic.com and www.myspace.com/krismiller8
Email: kris@krismillermusic.com

Tim Lovell, Sittin' In A Church
Singer/songwriter Tim Lovell started writing songs in 1989 and has written over 250 songs since. Currently he has 36 songs that have been recorded by various Gospel groups and artists around the country. He has also released two songs nationally. Tim has won 9 songwriting awards from the Tennessee Country Music Association - 5 from NACMAI and 2 from the Oklahoma Songwriter's Association, as well as winning in the Gospel category in the Great American Song Contest. He won Song of the Year for the song "Little Things", which was recorded by Young Harmony and nominated for a Dove Award in the Album of the Year category. His song "Shadow of the Cross" was performed at the World Series of Independent Artists in 2003. He wrote and performed the song "In Reality" for the United Way Kick-Off in the Tri-Cities in 2001. Tim currently ministers at local and regional churches and has a small recording studio called Lion of Judah Music where he co-writes and does soundtracks for other Gospel writers. He has some songs published through Moody Publishing.
Phone (423) 578-6746
Email tim_lovell23@hotmail.com

Surf City Allstars with original Beach Boy Al Jardine, California Girls
The Surf City Allstars were formed in the early 80's with the band members who were touring with both the Beach Boys and Jan & Dean. The Surf City Allstars are now a full time endeavor for the band members. The Surf City Allstars are the best surfin' beach party band around on a par with their friends, the Beach Boys. Each member has had a long career in surf and beach music. When you hear the band, you get the authentic "SURF" sound and harmonies that were taught to the Allstars by Brian Wilson and Mike Love of the Beach Boys, and Jan Berry of Jan & Dean. The Surf City Allstars perfected their vocals and performance of all the greatest surf music hits through years of touring with the legendary Beach Boys and Jan & Dean.
Al Jardine is the co-founder of the Beach Boys and the most recognizable of all the original members of the Beach Boys band. Al is a Grammy Award winner and fellow member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. With his fantastic voice sounding better than ever, and his surf guitar strumming, Al brings that superb authenticity and vocal sound that was the very foundation of the Beach Boys unique style. Al Jardine is now touring as a special guest with the SURF CITY ALLSTARS in a great live show featuring many of the Beach Boys Greatest Hits.

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Robert Brown (Brownwood Studios) All songs are wonderful, congratulations Andrew and everyone on another very fine CD project!
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Hello to ANDREW DEAN and the Farm Machine,
Hi, I am Nadine Country DJ from Malta(the small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea). The song “she don’t live here any more” is a great song, be sure that it will be part of my country music radio show. KEEP IT COUNTRY!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
ANDREW DEAN, I have been playing your song Etched In Time. Thats a good one,also I still get request's for I'll Be Gone.You can call in one day on my early morning show, 6 to 9 am eastern time. You can hear my station's live stream at our website  w50scountry.tripod.com   Arthur Young
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