1. Print this page off on your computer.    2. Complete the information on the form
3. Mail the completed application to:
                  A+ Rentals
                 16 East Market St. Suite 4
                 Tiffin Ohio 44883                  or fax completed application to: 208-279-5274


I own Real Estate at the following address:_________________________________
                                                                               (co-signer’s address)
Regarding address:_____________________________________________________
                                     (tenant’s address)
Although I am not living at_______________________________________________
                                                 (tenant’s address)
I agree to be responsible for the terms and conditions of the rental agreement

Between___________________________and East Bay Properties, LLC.
                          (tenants names)                                                                            (landlord)
My responsibilities are the same as if I were living there, to include the payment of
the rent and utilities, damages, late charges, penalties, cleaning, if
_________________________________________________________ were unable to do so.
                                                                          (tenants names)
The co-signer agreement continues with the rental agreement, and this co-signer agreement
remains in force when/if the rental agreement is renewed, either month-to-month or annually.

PRINTED name of co-signer

Signature of co-signer                          SSN                                                       Date

Home address


Area code/phone number

Renter                                    SSN                                                       Date

Renter                                   SSN                                                       Date

               Attach a copy of YOUR driver’s license.