Andrew Dean

2002 NEWS
"Praise & Glory Tour" is rolling on...

NACMAI  Rising Star
New Country Male Vocalist 2002

NACMAI  Rising Star
New Country Male Entertainer of the Year 2002

HE WON - October 20, 2002
Andrew Dean received New Gospel Male Vocalist and Entertainer of the Year 2002 for the Tennessee Country Music Association. He will represent the state of Tennessee in 2003 at the North America Country Music Associations International at the Louise Mandrell Theater in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

Andrew received Songwriter of the Year 2002 in the Patriotic songwriting category for "In A Mother's Eyes".  This is a true story written to depict a mother's wishes for her son's last gift upon his death in the war. This song, along with others written by Andrew, will be made available on CD soon.

"She's Really Gone" gained Andrew another award for most promising country Songwriter of the Year 2002.

Congratulations, we are proud of you,
Andrew Dean Fan Club


Two new Gospel songs from Andrew Dean are scheduled for release to radio worldwide.

"As Great As He Wants Me To Be"
from multi-award-winning songwriter and five-time Hall of Fame inductee Rhonnie Scheuerman, BMI with co-writer Jim Harmon, BMI was recorded today in Northwest Ohio, at Studio A of Brownwood Recording Studios. Rhonnie is a truly gifted, inspiring songwriter, and a wonderful person. Her talent comes shining brightly through in "As Great As He Wants Me To Be". Publisher: Songs By RhonBob Publishing, BMI, Kodak, TN.

"Grandma's Piano Bench"
Southern Ohio is home to the songwriting brother team of Steven C. and Mark Kreis, BMI; who have beautifully written "Grandma's Piano Bench". Accompanying Andrew Dean on this song is his mother Linda, who makes her home in Toledo Ohio. She is an accomplished pianist, choir director, organist for Solomon Lutheran Church in Woodville Ohio, and quite a special person. They have formed a winning mother-son musical combination.

Artist / Producer
Andrew Dean - "Be happy with who you are, and walk in the light of God".
With strong vocals and country roots, this genuine good guy is soon to become your favorite country and Gospel singer. Based in Pigeon Forge, TN and Toledo, OH this young, high-energy entertainer really relates to his audience. Andrew Dean draws strength from his faith in God in his songs. "This is part of my roots and who I am," he said. "I feel very blessed to be able to do what I love to do."

Management - Black Hat Productions
"We were ready to find some really good new songs for Andrew Dean to record. His ability to reach highs and lows with his 4 ½ octave range was taken into consideration when selecting songs for him. We feel it is only a matter of time before he becomes very big in the music industry, and it takes the right songs to allow that to happen. Teaming up with these songwriters, and a great Rhonnie Scheuerman song, Andrew is singing at his best. The time is right for this country and Gospel singer, who has a lot of heart and soul. Get to know him soon."

Project Engineer
Robert T. (Bob) Brown
Brownwood Studios
Gibsonburg, OH
Bob attended Capital University in Columbus Ohio. In 1964 he opened his first recording studio; Courier Records and Tune Town Record store. He served in the US army from 1966-1968, then formed Mixed Company band, performing nearly 20 years. In 1978 he relocated and renamed his studio Brownwood Studios and continues recording major bands and musicians from Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Record Label - Ready Records
Slated for a February 2003 release on Ready Records, the Andrew Dean singles "As Great As He Wants Me To Be" and "Grandma's Piano Bench" will be made available to radio DJ's worldwide.
It is with great anticipation and pride that we await the release of these two singles. We look forward to the pleasure of working with these outstanding songwriters again and again. Look for other Gospel and Country songs by Rhonnie Scheuerman, Steven and Mark Kreis, and Andrew Dean to be released on additional record labels in the near future.