Andrew Dean 
& The Farm Machine 

"Here In The Sun" 2021-10
"WANTED: A Good Time For All" 2021-06
"Salute To The Farmer" 2020-09
"It's True" 2020-05
"High Plains Drifter" 2020-01
"Swingtown" 2016
"Money Tree" 2015
"At The Beach" 2014
"Every Little Tic & Toc" 2014
"Bridges" 2014
"A Dozen Red Roses", NITE*SKY Volume 1302

We are proud to announce the new CD, Website and Tour "WANTED", sponsored by Black Hat Productions and Nite*Sky Records International. 
Thank you DJ’s for playing our music.

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NITE*SKY Records International
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