Dave Wooley

"Inspiration On The Road", NITE*SKY 1805
"Love Blind", NITE*SKY 1710
"Why I Love You", NITE*SKY Volume 1302
"Climbing The Walls", NITE*SKY Volume 1301
"Ladies Night", NITE*SKY Volume 1202
"Dancin' Fool", NITE*SKY Volume 1201
        John Zavodny Music
"Memories Of You", NITE*SKY, Volume 1101
"Special Day", NITE*SKY, Volume 1001
"Pour It Black" CD

Be sure to enjoy Dave's love of traditional country music on his 2 CD projects, with titles such as these: Memories of You, Dancin' Fool, Climbing the Walls, Came For the Ladies and Stayed for the Beer, I Cry Them all for you, My Search Goes on, When I Fall, Honey Don't, Love Blind, Bad Case Of Missing You, Those Hard Times, Good Days Bad Days, You're There I'm Here, My Old Friend the Blues, Inspiration on the Road, In My Life, The Reason I Carry On, I Can't Live With Losin' You, and Hard To Say Goodbye.

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