Dennis Scott

"A Cowboy's Song", NITE*SKY 2023-02
        Songwriter: Dennis Scott [BMI]

"A Family Christmas" NITE*SKY 2022-11
     Songwriter: Dennis Scott [BMI]
Dedicated to the loving memory of Rosa Lee Scott

I was the grandson of a piano teacher, and music was a large part of my mother’s side of the family. I began piano lessons at the age of nine. With many musical relatives in my family, I quickly started to explore other instruments such as the trumpet in the school band at the age of eleven. At the age of twelve my grandmother gave me my grandfather’s Kalamazoo six string acoustic guitar, and it was a love affair of the strings from that point. When I proved my dedication to the instrument to my parents, they enrolled me in classical guitar lessons and later moved to jazz and theory. I played my first real show with a group called the First Reunion Band at the age of sixteen, a gig that my band director had gotten me, as he had been watching me develop and decided it was time that I got out there in front of an audience.
As school came to an end in my senior year, I was given the opportunity to attend the Winchester School of music through their classical program by recommendation of my instructor, but I hesitantly declined as I felt compelled to pursue other genres of music. Through the next several years I beat the trenches in bands such as Aphasia, Dixie Rose, and with a long stay in the rock band Coda. At the age of thirty I broke from my musical dream to focus on my ultimate goal, which was to raise a son. At forty-seven the musical itch began to surface again, and I started filling in for local bands that needed a guitar player for the night. I decided to pursue writing as an outlet for my music and the many stories I had acquired through living life. With the combined efforts of Michael Wayne Dill, I wrote and produced the “Wild and Free” EP. We received the blessing of EP of the Year in 2020 from the Josie Music program, and Duo of the Year through Indie Star Radio. As 2020 progressed I put my efforts toward a solo project that would allow me to express my love of the many genres of music that have influenced my life. The tracks range from pop to rock to country. The EP "Southern Seduction".

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