Paul and Helen Mateki 

"My One And Only" NITE*SKY 21-06
Fresh, original Texas country music with a true twist of traditional, folk and Americana that stirs the imagination telling tales of real life events. Award winning songwriting and European #1 albums and songs.

2003 brought out the first collaboration of Paul and Helen with their CD, "Something To Sing About". Helen's fine angelic harmonies complement Paul's singing so much, that in July 2003, their first #1 from the new CD "When The River Runs Dry" was on top of the European CMA Charts for 3 weeks. That was followed up by "Please Don't Let Me Go" featuring Helen on lead vocals and spending 2 weeks at #1.

"Our Children Are Asking" -- NITE*SKY 2020-09
  co-written by Paul Mateki and Rhonnie Scheuerman, 
  Paul Mateki Publishing / BMI

"What Went Wrong" NITE*SKY 20-05
“What Went Wrong” from our CD “SOMETHING TO SING ABOUT” written by me and Martin Moss from Bristol England, our dear great friend who has since passed on age 54. He was my best man at our wedding here and his wife Chrissie was Helen’s maid of honor. We toured a lot together in Europe.

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Rhonnie Scheuerman was a very fine songwriter with great ideas about all of life’s challenges and rewards. After 9-11 there was nothing more important to her, or me, that the tragedy should never be forgotten and the children should always know the truth about what happened on that awful day in our history….thus we wrote “Our Children are Asking.” When I received lyrics from Rhonnie…she was the lyricist most of the time with only slight re-writes by me, I would send her a copy of the re-write with an acoustic guitar/vocal version of what I had done and we would take it from there. It was always a pleasant and easy experience with Rhonnie and we collaborated on about 30 songs. They have been recorded by Julie Taylor, Jose Daniel, Judy Welden, Jody Lynn Mitchell from Holland and several other European artists. We lost a fine lady this year when she passed away and I lost the best co-writer I’ve ever worked with. God Bless ya Rhonnie….God Bless our children.

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