Ray William Roldan

"My Country Rocks", NITE*SKY International 2016-10
"Rocky Mountain Shootin' Star", NITE SKY International 2014-09
"The Why Waltz", NITE*SKY International 2014-05
"I Remember", NITE*SKY Volume 1304
"Broken Tree Saloon", NITE*SKY Volume 1302
"Smell of Apples", NITE*SKY Volume 1301
"Mended Fences", NITE*SKY Volume 1203
"Cowboy Cadillac", NITE*SKY Volume 1202
"Bob and the Sheriff", NITE*SKY Volume 1201
"Black Top Fame", NITE*SKY, Volume 1103
"Cowboy Conscious", NITE*SKY, Volume 901

As a mechanic, construction worker, artist, veteran, poet and family man; he is testimony to all that is interesting and heartfelt. His music gives the listener a glimpse of his unique experience.

Ray William Roldan is no stranger to success or NITE*SKY International.
June 2012 Ray had the #10 song at 7 weeks on the ECMA chart with the very popular song "Bob And The Sheriff"

DJ's and fans delight in his lyrics and musical delivery, and you'll be sure to love this new song! We thank you in advance for giving his new single heavy airplay!

Email: raywilliamroldan1@gmail.com

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