Ron and Dallena Thompson
songwriter: James Ronald Thompson
Treed Lion Music BMI

"Tears On The Mountain". NITE*SKY 2018-09
      featuring Dallena Hess (bio below)
"Preacher Do You Drink", NITE*SKY 2018-04
      featuring Dallena Hess (bio below)
"The Little Red Hen", NITE*SKY 2017-10 Christmas
"The Best Christmas We Ever Had", NITE*SKY 2017-10
"I Bought A Dog", NITE*SKY 2017-09
"It Ain't Worth That Dollar", NITE*SKY 2017-07
      featuring Dallena Hess (bio below)
"God's Country Of Love", NITE*SKY 2017-07
      featuring Dallena Hess (bio below)
"Our Time Finally Came", NITE*SKY 2016-09
      featuring Dallena Hess (bio below)
"It Don't Matter Any More", NITE*SKY 2015-06
"That Old Lawyer Guy", NITE*SKY 2015-04
"That's The Way Of Life", NITE*SKY 2015-02
"The Welfare Cat", NITE*SKY 2014-06
"The Sea Of Deep Regret", NITE*SKY #2 -2014
"The Health Care Blues", NITE*SKY #1 -2014

Songwriter/artist Ron Thompson is a real world Tennessee hillbilly who grew up in East Tennessee and obtained a degree in Electrical/Electronics engineering. Ron studied piano as a child and taught himself to play rhythm and lead guitar. He also plays harmonica, bass guitar, and electronic keyboard. Ron sings vivid and clear lyrics about real life and real world events.  

Verda Dallena Hess Thompson was born in Arkansas and went to high school at Vallaint, Ok.  She is totally deaf without her hearing aids in.  She has never recorded anything before.

I didn't know if she could hear enough with her hearing aids to be able to follow the pitch of the song.  I think she was lip reading me to stay in time.  She had a copy of the lyrics to read and we went over it two or three times.  She was exactly in pitch with my vocal.  I've tried to record people who had sung for years and they didn't do as well as she did so I think it turned out good.

She says this about her hearing loss:
"I started losing my hearing around age 6.  I now have a bilateral severe to profound hearing loss in both ears. I can lip read well enough.  I've sung at church camp talent shows and school talent shows."

She has a technical degree, I think from Graceland College.   She worked briefly as a programmer and didn't like that.  She works for Blue Cross of Chattanooga.  I questioned her as to what programming courses she took.  She took Cobol, machine language, assembly language, and Basic.  A lot of people have difficulty in passing those courses, even when they have full hearing capability.  To me, that's an impressive accomplishment because I've programmed in some of those languages.

After we did the video for the DVD I captured her on video saying "This is fun."  So I guess she is hooked on music now.

We thank you in advance for giving the songs of Ron Thompson heavy airplay!
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