"The Star", NITE*SKY International 2018-02

We thank you in advance for giving this new single heavy airplay!

Torill and Olav Tofte met in 1987. They started to perform together in 1988. In 1994 they started the band “Don’t mess with Alice”, which was changed to “Tofte” in 2001, playing mostly Olav’s songs – a mix of acoustic ballads and -70’s southern outlaw. They played in bars, clubs, larger events and country festivals in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.
Their songs “Living man”, “Down by the river” and “The one to pay” were released by 4 indie labels in the US - The Country Gazette, Comstock Records, Nite Sky Records and Hill Topper Records. Which lead to air play in the US, Australia, New Zealand and 10 European countries.
They have also participated in 2 Norwegian compilation CD’s, have released 3 Maxi single CD’s and 1 CD production between 1994 and 2006. They have had the opportunity to work with some of the best country musicians in Norway, and did some support gigs for the most popular country band in Norway ever – Hellbillies. In this period they met Willie Nelson, Marty Stewart, Paul Overstreet, Hal Ketchum and Steve Earl when playing at the same festivals in Norway. They also met Scotty Moore, Elvis’s first guitar player, who became a good friend after several meetings in Norway and Nashville till he sadly passed away. He liked Torill’s voice a lot.
The couple made a lifestyle change around 2000, which included food, training, alcohol and faith.  And in 2016 Torill and Olav and their daughter Pernille, released a CD with 3 psalms and 7 of Olav’s new songs. Their sound is still the same, but they now do mostly cultural and charity arrangements and church concerts. 
In September 2017 Torill and Olav recorded 3 of Olav’s songs at the 515 studio in Nashville. They got great assistance from Erik Halbig (Lonestar, Mavericks, Collin Ray) – ac.guitar, el.guitar, lap steel, mandolin and banjo, Jay Weaver (Dolly Parton, Mavericks) – bass, Tim Grogan (Desert Rose Band, Tanya Tucker) – drums and Billy Nobel (Tim McGraw) – organ and piano. The songs were arranged by Olav and produced by Erik. 
The song "The Star" was made digital available in December 2017 by Indigoboom, and will be promoted in 2018 by Andrew and Terri Dean at Nite Sky Records.
It seems that another Norwegian female country singer will use 2 of Olav’s unreleased songs on her new CD this year. And 3 recorded songs will be heard in a Norwegian film that will be shown at Norwegian cinemas this spring.
It seems that 2018 will be an exciting year for Tofte.

Contact Information: +47 9097 61 12

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