Wanted Stranger

"Dangerous Hard Ride",
NITE*SKY International 2017-04

We thank you in advance for giving this new single heavy airplay!

Chuck Gibson –Percussion
Matt Thomas  –Bass Guitar
Ron Carrier    –Vocals & Guitar
Tony Malone  –Vocals & Guitar
...Tony was named songwriter, entertainer, and male vocalist of the year for TCMA, & ICGMA. He contributes country christian, blues and classic rock
...Chuck, while in the armed forces, played in a rock band in Barcelona, Spain, at the Rock of Gibraltar and in Heflin, Israel
...Ron performed with the Covenant Trio for three years along with sessions work
plus Wanted Stranger from 1985 to 2001
...Matt contributes a bluegrass as well as a country background

Wanted Stranger 1985 to 2001. All Wanted Stranger musicians have a full time job and work 40 hour weeks.  They dedicate their weekends to music and love the moments they get to spend on stage performing.  Even though they are all in their 50’s now, their stage energy will get the rhythm flowing in all of us.  Please check them out and feel free to reach out to them via email, phone or social media.

Contact Information: 423-646-7146
Email:  takplyer@aol.com
Website:  http://wantedstranger.wixsite.com/info 
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