*  The Life of RYLEE * 
November 3, 2005
Rylee had been eating bugs and living in a crate on a concrete floor while her previous owners went to doctor offices and to the hospital. After a variety of illnesses, they determined they could not properly care for this animal. It was probably better for Rylee in the long run to be in another home, where she could receive more attention, a total reception, and certainly more freedom. Rescued from a lonely, cold garage floor, and now pictured romping in the newly fallen autumn leaves with her new best friend, is one year old Rylee. They share the same birthday on October 29th.

Rescue dogs have a big adjustment to make, and frequently it's not a pretty story. Adoption takes a certain level of commitment, and not everyone is prepared for that, but an investment in love and patience pays off. Rylee, in true Jack Russell Terrier fashion, is making the most of her new situation in a loving country family with singer / songwriter Andrew Dean and wife Terri, along with children Andrew Jr and Madalin. 

She now gets to go for daily walks, and has a choice of pickup trucks for those rides for vanilla ice cream. She has the run of a very large home and backyard in the quiet village of Gibsonburg Ohio.

So, she's made a complete transition from her crate days, and has a whole new identity now. Happy trails, Rylee.

WEEK 1 - November 11, 2005
Three pens, two pencils, an electrical plug, her bed, and one very large beetle bug.
All items that fell prey to our new little 
addition. The term feisty pretty much 
says it all, and we are loving our newest 
family member (despite her crazy 
cravings). She has eaten all of the 
above and one LIBRARY BOOK 
left unattended by Madalin. 
Who could resist that sad puppy face?

MONTH 1 - December 12, 2005
Wishing you and your family the very best Christmas holiday season. I will catch up with you in a few weeks. I’ve got some romping in the snow and am busy catching the snowflakes in my mouth. It is a pleasant break from all the mud this Autumn. We decorated the Christmas Tree today, and I am trying to behave and not pull all the pretty lights down. It may take ALL OF MY WILLPOWER, but I am trying to be good. I also got my own stocking today, which we hung up on the mantle. Nite, nite, I will be dreaming of rawhide and pupperonI chew stick. Until next time, have a blessed Christmas, and don’t forget to MAKE A JOYFUL NOISE. I always do, “Woof, Woof!!!”
Love, RyLee      

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Hello again, I am taking time away from my work to say 
HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the friends in Radio Land.
Love, RyLee

                                            Friends of RyLee

Sister Zoe -                    Lovely Jerry                                       Charlie died July 2008               Nikki holding
died June 25, 2005      died March 8, 2005                          Ashlee 2005    with Rhon            Zoe died May 2008

Best Friends sharing a quiet treat
Relaxing for a special moment during an eventful touring season.

                           July 2006

August 2006

October 2007 - Lake Erie Beach

                                                    3 from April 2009


Merry Christmas from RyLee, 
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May 1, 2021

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we will be saying our final goodbye to a loving, faithful companion of over 17 years, Ms. RyLee Blessing Dean.

Unconditional love was her specialty. 

Run Free little girl.