Multi-award-winning Andrew Dean loves music. Recently Andrew Dean and The Farm Machine took home the award for Band of the Year at International Singer Songwriter Association's annual convention in Atlanta, Male Vocalist for the Academy of Western Artists and The Who's Hoo in Country Music, and World Songwriting Awards. The album “WANTED”, recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, garnered numerous awards and nominations since 2020, including Album of the Year for Josie Music Awards and ISSA, and receives heavy rotation airplay across the globe with #1 hit songs, such as "Wanted: A Good Time For All", "High Plains Drifter", and "Country Time".
Billed as the current "hardest working man in music", Andrew performs over 200 concerts each year to audiences all over North America, as a Tribute to Veterans, Gospel concerts, Country concerts, private and corporate functions, and incorporates his own stylized songs with traditional fan-favorites from across the decades. 

Andrew has crisscrossed the genre spectrum in his lifetime of performing and writing music. When just a toddler, the babysitter would allow Andrew to listen to Beatles records based on his good behavior. Mom Linda, Organist and Director of music, took him under her wing as he joined the church choir, later playing sousaphone in school band. Andrew went on to front several rock bands in his early 20's, then country came along tugging at his heartstrings about the time he heard George Jones, Johnny Cash, Vince Gill, and Travis Tritt.

Andrew's complete catalog of songwriting consists of award-winning Traditional Country "A Dozen Red Roses", Tropical Country/Americana "At The Beach", "Wide Open Dreams", "Here In The Sun", Country ballads "The People Who Gave", "Salute To The Farmer", New Country "Money Tree", "Girl of My Dreams", Western Swing "Swingtown", and Country Gospel "What I Have Found", and "Fixin' to Go Home" from his five (5) Recorded Album projects spanning two decades. These songs, and all the others can be purchased, downloaded, or streamed on all music platforms, social media websites, and in video format at YouTube. 
Andrew's own label, NITE*SKY Records and Promotions International, helps get the budding songwriter and recording artists' music off-the-ground and into the hands of Radio Professionals across the globe. You'll find links to the label, music, videos, tour dates, booking contacts, social media, and more at Andrew's official website www.AndrewDean.US

* Breast Cancer research - because of the loss of my sister  
* Christmas For Families - DJ Tommy Dean in Maine  
* Veterans of the United States of America's Armed Forces  

 HIS LIFE'S AMBITION... To treat people the way I want to be treated.
ANDREW'S PHILOSOPHY OF LIFE... Love it, do it, and live it, and like your life.
MY PEARLS OF WISDOM... Be happy with who you are and walk in the light of God.