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TERRI CLARK Great Crowd fun had by all This season the festivals and fairs all kept me busy. WHAT A CROWD, WHAT A TIME, AND THE TOUR ROLLS ON. What an honor opening for Terri Clark August 27th at Sandusky County Fair. Hundreds of Beach balls, tee shirts, and flying discs all came from the stage as I performed "Wide Open Dreams", the title track to my 3rd Nashville recorded CD, which was released officially this month. My Red, White, and Blue flag guitar was a hit for the second cut off this CD, "Goodbye Memory".

By the end of the show the fans were to their feet, and afterward even the backstage area was abuzz with compliments. Terri Clark herself commented to me, GREAT SHOW, best of luck in your career, and THANK YOU for wearing one of my tour shirts tonight, which she then autographed, "To Andrew, Love, Terri Clark".

It was my honor to co host the very moving remembrance service on September 11th in Gibsonburg. From the Life Flight flyover, to the speakers, drum and bugle corps, 21 gun salute, followed by taps on echoing bugles, the patriotic music, and at the closing the bagpipes playing Amazing Grace to more than 250 lit candles in a tearful sea of people at sunset. Most said it was the best service yet to honor our fallen heroes from the military, police, and firefighters.

My wonderful promoters RhonBob Promotions, Kodak Tennessee, presented me with the honor of three Emerald Awards this week, to celebrate my #1 song on the European Country Music Association chart for EVERYBODY LOVES A DJ, and also TEAR STAINED PAPER was one of the most played songs during the month of August on the ECMA chart as well, and EVERYBODY LOVES A DJ was one of the most played songs during the month of August on the Worldwide Mainstream Major chart. I am truly humbled by these awards, and it is because of a great promotional team and dedicated DJs worldwide and their hard work that I receive these awards.

New CD's are receiving awesome radio airplay & reviews. Contact me to book your churches, events, and festivals.